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The First Step of Ours- The Important Step of Electronics Industry of Thailand


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At present, innovation or new inventions aim on products with small size, which, at the mean time, can well serve the needs of users.

This incident took place by dint of the research and development of the micro electronics part or the ‘Integrated Circuit’ which plays the major role of limiting the capacities of various appliances. In addition, this trend has made the educational and industrial communities around the world become interested in the study and the knowledge concerning micro-electronics field.

As for Thailand, electronics industry is one of the important industries that, according to the National Economic and Social Development Plan Issue 7, need to be developed. The development should rely on financial and treasury measures, the measures to boost up capabilities concerning industrial technology, and the application of industrial standard systems; which will lead to the advancement of the economy of the country. This industry is highly competitive; thus, it is tremendously necessary for Thailand to develop the capabilities of the abilities of anyone related to the industry, as well as to change the role of the electronics industry: from the hired hand to assemble products, which is the industry that goes downstream to nowhere, to the producer of integrated circuits, which is the industry that goes upstream to a valuable market.

Therefore, the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center had established the Research and Development Center for Micro-Electronics Technology the name of which was changed to Thai Micro-Electronics Center (TMEC) to be the centre of the research and development of micro-electronics technology. TMEC is also the first production plant in Thailand that produces integrated circuits which will enable the production of the prototype integrated circuits used in the training in academic institutes and in the industry. This complies with the main objective of the project which is to created educated and acknowledged personnel in micro-electronics field who will eventually become the sources of knowledge and the foundation for turning micro-electronics industry into an important industry of the country in the future.

On 3rd October 1995, the cabinet had the resolution to establish Thai Micro-Electronics Center or TMEC to establish production line and to produce ‘Application-Specific Integrated Circuit’ (ASIC) the size of which would be 0.5 micron. Other goals of the establishment of TMEC were to create personnel; to improve the micro-electronics industry of Thailand to meet the international standard level; and to pave the way that leads to the development of innovation and new technologies in the future.



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